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Services We Offer


We offer a full suite of software development and management services to meet the needs of your company. 

Custom Software Development – Let us build the software you need to get your job done.  From creating an all new system, to upgrading from an existing one, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done in an efficient manner.

Software Maintenance – Existing software often needs enhancements and bug fixes.  Sometimes in-house staff does not have the time to perform these ongoing tasks, and other times there is no in-house staff.  We have experience in working with existing systems to fix and upgrade them to fully meet your business needs.

Software Analysis – An outside look at your Information Technology needs will often show the areas that need improvement.  Looking from the outside in gives a unique impression of what is being done right, and what can and should be improved upon.  We have the experience necessary to analyse the business processes currently in place and to offer solutions to improve upon them.

Project Management – An experienced project manager can energize a development team starting out a project or give a long running project the kick it needs to move it over the existing hurdles.  Bringing in outside assistance allows a company to free up resources to focus on other projects, and  will often bring out the best in the team currently assigned to the project.  With our extensive project management experience, we’ll help you get through the project from start to finish.

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